Let’s start with some photographs of Tulum. It’s a very well preserved site with amazing architecture. It sits on a beautiful white-sand, blue-water beach. The site also boasts turtle breeding grounds. At the right time of year, you can help a freshly hatched baby turtle makes it’s way to the water for the first time in it’s life. A magical experience.

Coba is not as well preserved. It also has a more informal look and feel, to both the design of the site and the architecture. Nature has been busy reclaiming this area. I had the privilege of climbing the pyramid while was there, a practice that was stopped the year after I was there. The picture, below, of the pyramid shows the angle of ascent/descent. It was a very steep angle with very narrow stairs. While descending, I had to walk with my feet sideways in order to feel secure in each step I took down the stairs.